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Let's hear it for the old boys

Country Rock


When Chris and Malcolm first conspired to put this album together they never dreamed of working with such great musicians to record it! They had Jim & Geoffrey in mind but needed to find a great drummer before putting the proposition to them. Andy Newmark lived nearby but how could he be contacted and would he be remotely interested? Hamish Stuart (Average White Band, Paul McCartney) knew Andy. Malcolm had known Hamish decades back, so contact was made with Andy via Hamish. Andy liked the songs and agreed to play drums on the album. So back to Jim and Geoffrey who also readily agreed to help. Not only did Malcolm and Chris find just about the best rhythm section possible but also access to about 30 instruments through one man, Geoffrey! Rocky and the Natives was born.

The album was produced by Jim Leverton and recorded partly in the hidden gem that is Rockin’ Chair Studios on the outskirts of Whitstable and then finished at West Track Studios in Canterbury. The West Track sessions were engineered by the very talented Nicholas Mayes who also mixed and mastered the record.


Special thanks to the wider RATN Team: Nick Mayes – recording engineer/sound man; Ian Lander – recording trouble shooter at Rockin’ Chair; T Rocks – art work; Molly and Tirran – canine support; Luke Sewell and Sam Barnard – video; Sean Gambrill – CD artwork, graphic design and website development.


“Let’s Hear it for the Old Guys”

Takes a trip across the country rock genre from the swampy “prog” country HoodooVoodoo to the counter cultural Friendly Man in Blue via the tender and more traditional Still Belong to You .

The new songs reflect good old British irony. The guys in Rocky and the Natives have been around too long to take themselves seriously. The music is great and many of the songs are edgy and ironic.

The three cover songs are well chosen. The band’s version of John Lennon’s playful Tight A$ also features on the acclaimed multi artist Lennon Bermuda album. Gram Parsons’ classic Hot Burritto #1 is a timely tribute on the 40th anniversary of Gram’s death, while Bob Rafkin’s great song Lazy Waters remembers with love one of America’s great singer/songwriters who passed away in May 2013.

In one of his last recordings, Bob guests on acoustic guitar on Follow Your Heart. So take a meander with Rocky and the Natives through this very British take on country rock and join in with their sense of mischief and fun!


Track list:


Copyright C.Godden/M.Barnard 2013

Oyster Girl


Lennon Bermuda


Lennon Bermuda is a tribute album and book inspired by John Lennon’s visit to Bermuda in 1980, where he recorded his Double Fantasy album.[1] The Lennon Bermuda box set comprises two discs by various artists with a connection to Bermuda, including Yoko Ono, covering Lennon songs.[2] There is also a book by author Scott Neil, illustrated by artist Graham Foster, describing Lennon’s stay on the island.

Bermudian Andy Newmark, who played drums on Double Fantasy, features on many of the tracks on Lennon Bermuda by artists including Paul Carrack, Bryan Ferry, Nils Lofgren, Rocky and the Natives and several others.

The international release date for Lennon Bermuda was April 29, 2013,[3] and the US release date September 24, 2013.

The executive producers were Michael Freisenbruch and Tony Brannon.