"Jim Leverton, Chris Godden, Andy Newmark, Geoffrey Richardson, Malcolm Barnard"
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where did you get the band name from?

A: Chris and Jim both live in Whitstable. The best oysters in the world come from Whitstable. There are two main species of oyster Rock and Native – hence the band name!

Q: When was the band formed and how did you get together?

A: We got it together in 2010/11. Malcolm and Chris wanted to from a country rock band. They had seen Jim & Geoffrey in their brilliant duo and knew they wanted them in the band. They also saw Andy play locally, as a guest drummer with The Hamish Stuart Band and Hamish, who Malcolm had known in the 1960’s from Dream Police, helped put them in touch.

Q: Where did you record your debut album?

A: Partly in the luxuriously appointed Rockin’ Chair Studio, hidden away on the outskirts of Whitstable and partly at West Track Studios in Canterbury. “Let’s Hear it for the Old Guys” was engineered and mixed by a brilliant young engineer, Nicholas Mayes and produced by our very own Jim Leverton.

Q: How did you come up with the album title?

A: Self explanatory! Just check out our ages in the Players page!

Q: Who did the album artwork?

A: A brilliant and reclusive artist from Whitstable called TRocks did the covers. The graphics were done by design wizard Sean Gambrill, also from Whitstable. We wanted something that was fun and maybe a little provocative, which stood out and was untypical of covers for country music albums. We certainly got it!

Q: Has the band done many gigs?

A: We did a couple last year. They sold out and went down a storm. But most of the guys in the band also do a lot of gigs and recording with other people, so the logistics of gigs are difficult. We like to think of each of our gigs as “limited editions”! Rocky and the Natives are never going to be a five nights a week touring band – we’ve all done that before! But we will line up a few gigs a year in well chosen venues, so watch this space and keep checking in to the website and facebook page for news.

Q: Is there a second album in the pipeline?

A: Well the first one took us about three years so please be patient! Yes a second album is at the entrance to the pipeline. Malcolm and Chris have written enough new songs and we hope that there will a couple of from Jim too. Looks like the “difficult” second album might be even better!

Q: Has the band enjoyed working together?

A: It’s been a lot of fun. We’ve loved putting the songs together and recording them. It’s really good to work under no pressure. We don’t need to do that. We’ve all been around too many blocks, so if we didn’t enjoy it we just wouldn’t do it! We hope the joy & the mischief comes through a bit in the music and that you enjoy it too.

Q: What is the Rocky and the Natives connection with Lennon Bermuda?

A: Andy Newmark was asked by Tony Brannon in Bermuda to help with a multi-artist tribute album celebrating John Lennon’s time in Bermuda where he wrote most of the songs on his last album, Double Fantasy which featured Andy on drums. On the Lennon Bermuda album Andy played on recordings of great Lennon songs with Nils Lofgren, Bryan Ferry, Judie Tzuke and Paul Carrack. Andy and Tony asked us to record a track. We chose “Tight A$” originally on John’s 1973 album “Mind Games”, recorded it in Canterbury. We were delighted to be featured on such a great album. “Tight A$” also opens our album “Let’s Hear it for the Old Guys”.

Q: Who the hell is Chameleon Lycra?

A: Chameleon is the world’s worst publicist. He was assigned to us by Yard Dog Records. He is a *&%^”+????##~~#!! And a low down %$”~~}{###”£8^^!!! And we can never find him!