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Geoffrey Richardson / Violin, Mandolin, Acoustic Guitar, Flute

A hugely talented multi-instrumentalist, Geoffrey was born in Hinckley, Leicestershire, England in 1950.

When he finished college in June 1972 he moved to Canterbury to join folk prog band Spirogyra. They dissolved shortly afterwards, but in the meantime Geoffrey was introduced to Pye Hastings, the singer and guitarist with Caravan, who invited him to join them. 40 years later Caravan, with both Geoffrey and Jim Leverton still on board, continue to packed audiences worldwide.


In 1978 Geoffrey spread his wings as a session musician, playing on other people’s records and often playing with them live. From 1982 to 1990 he wrote and recorded film and TV music with Peter Veitch of Café Jacques, a group that he’d recorded and toured with in the late 70s and early 80s. Their activities, sadly, were cut short by Pete’s death in 1990.

Geoffrey has toured the world and played on hundreds of records, including many that have achieved platinum, gold and silver sales. He’s been a member of Caravan since 1972, a member of the Penguin Café Orchestra since 1976, has been in, or is still in, the bands of Murray Head (since 1978), Rupert Hine, Quantum Jump, Paul Brady (1985 to 1988), Bob Geldof (1989 to 1995), Renaud (since 1989), Elsa, Michael Giles and other session bands.

Geoffrey continues to work as a duo with Jim Leverton, and record and play with singer/songwriter Tracy-Jane Sullivan, singer/songwriter Jo Hook and singer/songwriter Raphael Mead. He is a backing musician for The Serenity Sisters, and a member of Hamish Stuart’s Bardcore and a founder member of The Orchestra That Fell To Earth.


He is also also a member of The Ghost Line Carnival, playing with singer/songwriter Alister Atkin

He has his own studio in Canterbury, Richardsonics, for his own work and for writing and playing arrangements for other people.

In 2012 Geoffrey was made an Honorary Fellow of Canterbury Christ Church University for services to music in Canterbury.

Into this illustrious history and hectic schedule, Geoffrey has managed to add his musical magic to Rocky and the Natives .His delicate violin playing was highlighted in Maverick Magazines excellent review of the band’s version of “Lazy Waters”. (2011).