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Formed in 2011 and featuring some of the UK's top musicians, Kent based Rocky and the Natives are breathing new life into the British country music scene. Between them the band members have over 200 years of history in the music business. Their first album, Let's Hear it for the Old Guys, was released on Yard Dog Records on 30 September 2013. It includes eight new and original songs and three great covers.


Rocky and the Natives have been 40 years in the making! Chris Godden and Malcolm Barnard have schemed and conspired ever since the demise of their excellent and pioneering country rock band of the early 70's "Pass the Buck" to produce an even better British band with similar influences. The A-list line up of Rocky and the Natives does just that. And this time round 75% of the material is self penned.

Malcolm and Chris always knew that a great rhythm section would be essential. In drummer Andy Newmark and bass player Jim Leverton the plan came together beyond their wildest dreams! - Big thanks to Hamish Stuart for putting them in touch with Andy. Jim has worked with the hugely talented multi- instrumentalist Geoffrey Richardson for many years, both as a duo and with those heroes of the Canterbury scene and of international prog-rock, Caravan. Andy described Geoffrey's playing as "the decoration on the Christmas Tree!" As a band member he certainly lights up the music and the performance.

All these guys live within 10 miles of Canterbury so the scene was set for some great music, fun and a little mischief!

Let's Hear it for the Old Guys

Takes a trip across the country rock genre from the swampy "prog" country HoodooVoodoo to the counter cultural Friendly Man in Blue via the tender and more traditional Still Belong to You .

The new songs include a good old dose of British irony. The guys in Rocky and the Natives have been around too long to take themselves seriously. The music is great and many of the songs are edgy and a bit cheeky.

The three cover songs are well chosen. The band's version of John Lennon's playful Tight As also features on the acclaimed multi artist Lennon Bermuda album. Gram Parsons' classic Hot Burritto #1 is a timely tribute on the 40th anniversary of Gram's death; while Bob Rafkin's great song Lazy Waters remembers with love one of America's great singer/songwriters who passed away in May 2013. In one of his last recordings, Bob guests on acoustic guitar on Follow Your Heart.

So take a meander with Rocky and the Natives through their very British take on country rock and join in with their sense of mischief and fun!